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Summertime Baseball Fun - Even if You Donít Know Much About the Game

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Summertime Baseball Fun - Even if You Donít Know Much About the Game

August 12th 2014

Summertime Baseball Fun - Even if You Don’t Know Much About the Game

Whether you’re seeing a live baseball game in the stands or just watching from home, baseball and other sports are part of what makes summer the best season of the year. But if you’re like many baseball spectators, you might be a little clueless when it comes to certain rules of the game. Even so, baseball games - at the ballpark or at home - are a great excuse to meet with family and friends and eat, laugh and reminisce together in the name of America’s favorite pastime. Here are few ways for everyone to stay entertained at the baseball game, even if you can’t keep your eye on the ball.

1.) Take a Walk around the Park: Ballparks today, especially those in the major leagues, are built to impress. Step away from the stands for a few moments and you might even forget that you’re there to watch a baseball game. Ferris wheels and other amusement park games are a feature of some ballparks, while others have history museums on site that you can visit. Take some time to look back into the past of the team you’re rooting for - that alone might spark greater interest. You could also hunt down the team mascot and try to convince him to pose for a photo with you and your friends, or see if there’s anything that catches your eye in the gift shop.

2.) Eat: For many fans, a baseball game without a hot dog just isn’t acceptable. Concession stands are full of delicious summertime junk food - more than just peanuts and Cracker Jack. No matter where you are, there will probably be plenty for you to choose from. Some ballparks nowadays even offer full course meals, with wine and mixed drinks. If you’re watching at home, you can make the event more special by baking a baseball-themed cake or cupcakes, or serving easy hors d'oeuvres like pigs-in-a-blanket or mini hamburgers.

3.) Get into the Team Spirit: If you’ve arrived early, you can start getting into things by watching batting practice. Throughout the game, it’s easy to get into the spirit of the game by cheering and participating in silly crowd games like “The Wave.” It’s also fun to watch other people in the crowd, especially those who have chosen to dress up and wear body paint or other ridiculous outfits. If you’re in the right place, you might even have a shot at catching a foul ball.

4.) Play Games: Even the most ardent fans will admit that sometimes there is a lull in the action of a baseball games, especially when watching on TV. Playing games amongst your friends helps keep things lively and interesting. “Pass the Hat” is one fun game, in which participants put a dollar into a hat at the beginning of an inning, and pass it around after each hitter completes his at-bat. The person left holding the hat gets to keep the money. “Call the Play” is another fun game. The goal is to correctly predict what will happen at each at-bat – will the ball be a fly ball to left field? A foul backwards into the stands? Every prediction must be accurate. The person with the most correct predictions wins.

5.) Do Some Research: If you don’t understand the sport that can be a serious hindrance to enjoying the experience. Watch a few baseball games beforehand – visit this website to stream them live – and pay attention to the rules. Take a guide with you to the park if you’re feeling totally lost, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Offer to keep score or take statistics on player’s performances, and soon you might find out that you’re a baseball fan after all.