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All-Star CPW Women's Pro Fastpitch Catcher's Set

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All-Star CPW Women's Pro Fastpitch Catcher's Set. All-Star's Women's Pro Series has all the tech features that All-Star offers, but customized to a woman's specific design. The chest protectors feature slim profiles and anatomical break points for optimal flexibility and unrestrained movement, and the helmet and leg guards are the lightest performance gear in the category. Features: CPW14.5PRO Women's Chest Protector - 14.5 LGW14.5PRO Women's Leg Guards - 14.5 MVP2500WTT Catcher's Helmet - 7 - 7 3/4 Shoulder pad not included 3969 PK4508

On Sale $329.99 $314.99 - Click here to buy now!