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All-Star FM4000 System 7 Traditional Facemask

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All-Star FM4000 System 7 Traditional Facemask. All-Star's FM4000 cage design offers the absolute best vision and deflective properties for catcher's masks. This single bar face mask features a strong vertical center bar right in the front/center of the mask, positioned in such a way which makes it virtually invisible when being worn. The curved forehead bar of the FM4000 System Seven Traditional Facemask allows more padding to come into contact with the catcher's skull cap. This feature makes the mask more stable on a catcher's head and helps absorb more impact. Features: Light Weight 16.5 oz Hollow steel I-Bar Vision Cage Lightweight UltraCool pad system Treated with AEGIS Microbe Shield Machine-washable Delta Flex harness 5772 PK6640

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