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All-Star LG30SPRO System 7 15.5 Inch Leg Guards

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All-Star LG30SPRO System 7 15.5 Inch Leg Guards. The System Seven LG30PRO plate design revolved around a few concepts: Keeping it light and strong, yet flexible and well ventilated. The shape of the knee plate has been designed for stable motion. Catchers need a stable base for blocking balls, while maintaining maneuverability. The shin plates have 10 ventilation ports and have been designed to be customizable. The plastic is moldable, meaning that if you like wearing them snug, you can squeeze the walls and bring them in. If you like them loose and more breathable, flex the shin plate outward. Redesigned shell for increased ventilation and strength Large diameter perforated foam for breathability Adjustable, anatomically shaped shin pad Patella Plus Gel knee pad & DeltaFlex harness Removable second toe Rivet free design Size: 15.5'' 4431 PK5032 Catcher's Gear

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