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All-Star System 7 Axis Youth Pro USA Catcher's Kit CK912S7X-USA

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All-Star System 7 Axis Youth Pro USA Catcher's Kit CK912S7X-USA. The All-Star System 7 Axis Catcher's Set has taken the CKPRO1 Gear and made a few major improvements. The System 7 Axis Catcher's Set features the CP912S7X Chest Protector, LG912S7X Leg Guards and the MVP2510 Catcher's Helmet. All-Star MVP2510 I-Bar Vision Steel Cage High impact resitant ABS plastic shell 3D Mesh Liner 6 1/4 - 7 All-Star CP912S7X Axis Chest Protector Diamond vents for weight reduction and breathability Stainless steel matte black hardware Thinner and more form fitting DeltaFlex harness 14.5 All-Star LG912S7X LINQ hing system for best mobility Reinforced front double knee protector straps Wider and smoother knee for better pivoting and sliding 13.5 12237 PK13570

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