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All-Star System Seven CK1216S7DC CAMO Pro Catching Kit

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All-Star System Seven CK1216S7DC CAMO Pro Catching Kit. The All Star Young Pro Series Catchers Gear Set is the perfect combination of helmet, chest protector, and leg guards for the aspiring young catcher looking to equip themselves with some of the best gear on the market. This kit is designed specifically for young catchers ages 12-16. Features: MVP2500 Catcher's Helmet - Size 7 - 7 1/2 High Impact resistant ABS plastic shell I-Bar Vision steel cage UltraCool mesh liner system (machine washable) LG1216S7 Leg Guards - Size 14.5 Inch Triple knee design with Active Tracking DeltaFlex harness CP1216S7 Chest Protector - Size 15.5 Inch Low rebound memory foam Wraparound sides DeltaFlex harness 10474 PK11667

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