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Easton Mako Legacy 12.75 Inch First Base Mitt MKLGCY 38DBG

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Easton Mako Legacy 12.75 Inch First Base Mitt MKLGCY 38DBG. Easton's all NEW Mako Legacy baseball glove feature's a durable premium HERO Kip leather that has been tanned for easy break-in. Features: Premium HERO kip leather tanned for easy break in and high durability Hand oiled PRIMASOFT sheepskin lining provides the ultimate in comfort and control Cushioned pinky and thumb loops for unmatched fit and feel Rolled leather welting Dynamic 2X finger welting creates better finger articulation and pocket shape USA tanned professional rawhide lace with tensile strength of 100lbs. for max durability 12.75 First Base Pattern 10870 PK12070 12 - 12 3/4 Inch Gloves

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