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Jugs Sports Michelle Smith Softball Backyard Package

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Jugs Sports Michelle Smith Softball Backyard Package. # Includes a Super Softball Pitching Machine, a #8 Backyard Net with frame, a Free Backdrop and Pitcher's Trainer, a Fixed-Frame Softball Screen, a Back-Saver Ball Basket, and 3-dozen yellow Sting-Free Dimpled Softballs # Super Softball Pitching Machine: Pitches a variety of pitching machine, practice, and regulation softballs between 20 and 70 mph, digital readout display, realistic underhand delivery, swivel-design base provides 360 degree movement for fly balls, pop-ups and ground balls, and is safe and easy to operate # Backyard Net #8: (55' L x 11' W x 11' H) features 119 lb. breaking strength Dura-Tech nylon netting, UV resistant, top of net is reinforced to hold the hanging ropes, weather treated, preshrunk for proper hanging, is generally used by backyard players youth leagues, and high schools, and is extremely fire retardant (rated at 496 degrees) # Net Frame: requires a 59' L x 15' W x 11' H assembly space, made of industrial-gauge galvanized steel, comes complete with uprights, crossbars, cable hooks, and ground sleeves # Backdrop and Pitcher's Trainer: made of heavy-duty vinyl, protects your batting cage, features metal corner grommets for stability and durability, includes a white strike-zone indicator for pitching practice # Fixed-Frame Softball Screen: (6' W x 6.5' H, 20 W x 33 H opening), powder coated steel tubing frame, pillow case style double-thick polyethylene netting with a 240-lb. breaking strength, heavy-duty bolt on legs, and is portable and easy to move # Back-Saver Ball Basket: holds up to 60 baseballs or 36 softballs, made of galvanized tubing, and is lightweight and durable # Sting-Free Dimpled Softballs: same size and weight as regulation softballs, feel like leather when hit, will not damage aluminum bats, and will not sting hitter's hand 4181 PK4746

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