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Mizuno 2018 Maxcor USA Baseball Bat (-5)

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Mizuno 2018 Maxcor USA Baseball Bat (-5). The new 2018 Mizuno Maxcor Baseball Bat features a viscoelastic polyurethane (VP) sleeve that covers the alloy barrel and creates additional spin and increased ball flight. Mizuno uses their HotMetal aluminum alloy combined with CorTech to adjust the wall thickness across the barrel creating a massive sweet spot. Features: 2-Piece Bat Construction HotMetal Alloy: Core for maximum performance. VP Sleeve: Creates additional spin rate for increased distance. Supra-Helix Grip: Designed for ultimate feel and durability CorTech: Creates a massive sweet spot along the barrel. Black Onyx Carbon handle with extra stiff design: Reduces energy loss when impacting the ball at higher ball speeds. Dynamic Damper: Significantly reduces vibrations to the hands for a more comfortable swing. Balanced Swing Weight -5 oz Length to Weight Ratio 2 5/8 Barrel Diameter USA Baseball Certified 12112 PK13445

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