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Mizuno GXT2A 9 Inch Classic Pro Training Glove

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Mizuno GXT2A 9 Inch Classic Pro Training Glove. The Mizuno GXT2A training gloves are an excellent training aid for infielders trying to develop the most crucial aspects of their game required for good infield play. The GXT2A requires the player to use a two-handed catch and helps in developing quick ball transfer to the throwing hand that is essential for infielders. The purpose of its small, 9 Inch Pattern Size is to teach perfect fielding habits, not relying on the the extra length of the glove to get to the ball but actually using your body and perfect technique. Features: Rich natural leather Designed to teach proper mechanics for infield play 9 glove that fits on adult hand Aids infielding and throwing drills and promotes quick hands 7981 PK9045

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