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Mizuno Prospect Finch Youth 12 Inch Fastpitch Glove GPL1205F2

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Mizuno Prospect Finch Youth 12 Inch Fastpitch Glove GPL1205F2. Designed specifically for the youth softball player, the Mizuno Prospect Finch Youth 12 Inch Glove features PowerClose technology that makes catching the ball easier. PowerClose technology is created by a V-Flex Notch that is placed in the heel of the glove. The V-Flex notch then creates a natural flex point in the correct position to help younger players easily close the glove with good form. Features: PowerClose Technology MAKES CATCHING EASY! ParaShock palm pad and Butter Soft lining in select models reduce shock to minimize sting. PowerLock closure for maximum performance. V-Flex Notch to help initiate easy closure. Helps youth players learn to catch the right way, in the pocket. 12.00 Utility Finch 3 Web 10983 PK12183

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