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Wilson A2K 1721 12 Inch Baseball Glove WTA2KRB181721

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Wilson A2K 1721 12 Inch Baseball Glove WTA2KRB181721. Made from the finest cuts of leather, the Wilson A2K 1721 12 Inch Baseball Glove is one of the most premium gloves on the market. With its rolled dual welting, double palm construction, and master technician shaping, this glove provides maximum durability and a long-lasting shape! Features: 12 Infield Pattern Dual Post Web Pro Stock Select Leather - Made from the top 5% of Pro Stock hides Rolled Dual Welting- Provides a long-lasting shape Double Palm Construction- Provides maximum pocket stability 3x More Shaping - A master technician spends three times longer pounding and shaping the A2K by hand 11812 PK13021 Baseball Gloves

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