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Worth 2017 BJ Fulk Legit XL USSSA Slowpitch Softball bat

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Worth 2017 BJ Fulk Legit XL USSSA Slowpitch Softball bat. The 2017 Worth BJ Fulk Legit XL is the signature model for BJ Fulk. This bat features a .5 oz endload and a true one-piece carbon fiber barrel, increasing durability and performance. Features: BJ Fulk Signature Model 220 Advantage - Tuned to maximize performance and durability CF100 Tech - 100% Carbon Fiber Barrel provides a lighter weight, more durable barrel True 1 Tech - True one-piece barrel create a seamless barrel, increasing durability and performance Flex 50 Technology - Ultra-thin Flex 50 handle for unmatched whip and feel 12.5 Barrel XL-A .5oz endload for players seeking a moderately endloaded bat,offering more mass in the end of the barrel for extra whip and smoother finishes on swings. Made in USA 11557 PK12759 Softball Bats

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